Check-out Time for Buena Park's Crescent Motel?

In other amusement park area lodging controversies, the Buena Park planning commission voted on Wednesday to revoke the permit of Crescent Motel. Located on the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Crescent Avenue, the property is across the street from Knott's Berry Farm and Soak City Waterpark, but city officials says it was attracting crime, not tourists, while violating codes.

Reporter Leticia Juarez of KABC-TV 7 filed an on-site report last week noting that the Buena Park Police Department “made 732 calls to the motel for crimes ranging from disturbing the peace to drugs, along with 126 arrests” last year alone. Rooms start at just over $40 per night and owner Loc Van Nguyen is busy remodeling them in addition to firing management and moving in from his San Diego residency. He is also said to be planning to appeal the decision all in an attempt to save his motel from shutting down.

The city's planning commission is scheduled to meet on March 14th to finalize and its decision regarding the future of the Crescent Motel.

Back in the day, Nguyen's spot had a reputation for hotel parties. I know because I attended a few in my more youthful years. Nothing spells nostalgia like memories of being in a crowded two-bedroom vacancy, clutching a beer, kicking back, sneaking glances at a beautiful Anahyna from across the way before getting bored and moving the festivities to a Buena Park backyard party. I'm sure such reminisces don't help the cause, but they'll be reasons for a tinge of melancholy should it truly be check-out time for the Crescent Motel!

As for its reputation as a crime spot, over the past year, passing by I don't really recall seeing police cars there…or maybe they were there and I got so used to seeing them there that I didn't see them there. Yeah…

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