Check Out the Future of Hooters (And Win Free Wings for a Year) Monday

For the past few years now, the only category of national chain restaurants to grow has been “breastaurants,” restaurants like Hooters and the Tilted Quilt which feature.. well, you know. Of the restaurants in that category, Hooters is the largest, but its year-over-year growth has stalled compared to the younger up-starts.

Well, now the future of Hooters is coming to Long Beach and you can check it out (and win free wings for a year in the process).


Next Monday, May 4, California's newest Hooters will open at The Pike in Long Beach (90 Aquarium Way). The restaurant will be the third one built using a new restaurant design philosophy that stresses modern aesthetics, clean lines, and lots of light. Think less dingy-looking 80s restaurant and more mixed-material 2000s green design mashed up with bar-centric construction à la Yard House (the bar is expanding too — 60 beers and plenty of TVs for sports). It'll be this kind of style that news Hooters will designed with. Will it be enough to beat back the smaller, hungrier guys? Heck, it can't hurt.

Oh, by the way, if you're one of the first 100 people to show up Monday (the place opens at 11 a.m.), you'll win a year of free wings. Also, a portion of the day one sales will go to pediatric congenital heart disease research.

For more information, check out this website.

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