Check Out Geeta Bansal's James Beard House Preview Dinner Next Monday!

Clay Oven's chef/owner Geeta Bansal was invited to host a dinner at the James Beard House in New York earlier this year, and will be staging the dinner at the end of this month — Sept. 27 to be exact.

She's one of the first female chefs from Orange County to make the trip, and will be doing a menu called “The Art of Spice,” perfect for her brand of wonderfully spiced contemporary Indian food, but if you can't make the trip to New York, well, it's okay, because the Clay Oven in Irvine will be doing a special preview dinner this Monday.


The six course menu looks on-point. I'm including it, with wine pairings below:

Elk, foie, radish, fig, dirt, aji's
MacPhail Rosé, Sonoma Coast, 2013

Mughal Shorba
Roasted carrots, King David apples, Mughal crumbs
Peter Lehmann Layers White, Adelaide, Australia, 2013

Tails of Water
Shrimp tails on, pomelo, charred peppers, okra hay, quinoa pulao
Amalaya Torrontés, Salta, Argentina, 2013

Hopping Heat
DeBruin Rabbit, scotch bonnets, sweet potato, heirlooms, Basmati rice
Hess Select Pinot Noir, Central Coast, 2012

Lamb Goes To Heaven
Vadouvan lamb shank, date dust, fingerlings, fenugreek, layered bread
Hess Select Malbec, Salta, Argentina, 2011

Sweet From the 15th Century Kitchen
Almond, saffron, pistachio
Peter Lehmann Art Series Moscato, Australia, 2011

If you want to attend the Irvine dinner, tickets are $130 ($135.54 with a service fee) and includes tax, gratuity, and the wine pairing. You can find them here. And if you do happen to be in New York? Well, you can by the tickets here — $170 for non-menbers and $130 for members of the James Beard Foundation.

Man, Orange County even gets a discount, that's great.

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