Charli XCX

Long-time fans of Charlotte Aitchison–better known as Charli XCX–know that she’s worked hard to be where she is long before the success of “I Love It” (the Icona Pop that she collaborated on) and “Boom Clap.” Almost ten years ago, Charlotte was giving away CDs at gigs for free and was making albums even if none of her singles made it onto the charts. If there’s anything admirable about the musician, it’s her resilience, yes, but also her ability to stay true to her original sound and quirky ‘90s-inspired look. Her most recent album, Sucker (2014), is an example of her promise as an artist, highlighting her talent for merging pop, punk, and new wave with her highly specific visual aesthetic. Though Charlotte remains a cult-favorite and not a megastar a la Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, she’s certainly a cult-favorite to love.

Wed., July 22, 7:30 p.m., 2015

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