Charges Dropped Against Pepper-Spraying Antifa Who Saved OC Weekly Reporter at Trump Rally


Pepper Spray Trump Rally
First of three parts…

Late Friday afternoon, when the Orange County District Attorney’s office knew I’d be four Manhattans deep at my desk and thus a bit…busy…to write news, they announced the filing of battery charges against one Jessica Aguilar of Sacramento. A press release stated that the 20-year-old was charged with punching one guy in the face, and slapping another guy twice at a pro-Trump rally in Huntington Beach on March 25. She faces up to one year in OC’s horrible woman’s jail if convicted for her actions.

We’ll leave it until tomorrow to argue why Aguilar shouldn’t be charged with anything, because the story is complex and we want to help get yet another protestor freed of unfair charges. So for the meanwhile, we’ll leave our commentary to this: the rush of newspapers who reported on Aguilar’s charges throughout the weekend buried the lede—namely that they’re all stupid, and we’re not.

These were the same newspapers, of course, that joined alt-losers in spreading the myth that anti-Trump protestors like Aguilar preyed upon innocent Trumpbros and Trumpettes to the point of pepper-spraying women in premeditated acts of violence. We were the only newspaper to report the truth: that Trumpbros harassed, kicked, punched and intimidated the vastly-outnumbered anarchists and antifa who protested against them, and that said antifa used pepper spray only to defend OC Weekly reporters who were getting assaulted by white supremacists or to defend themselves from Trumpbros who were pummeling them while on the ground.

Alt-losers and even rally organizer Jennifer Sterling dismissed our account as fake news, accusing us of being far-left lunatics. That may be true, but we never let our biases get in the way of the Truth. And, for once, neither has OCDA Tony Rauckaukas. Because buried in his press release announcing the charges against Aguilar was our vindication: They declined to file charges against four other people arrested at the #MAGAMarch “because the OCDA could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt as to who started the physical altercation.”

Let’s put it this way: The OCDA’s office—hardly a collection of SJWs—felt that the use of pepper spray by anarchists didn’t constitute a felony and wasn’t even a crime at all, just like we originally reported. It’s a pushback to alt-right losers who insisted antifas came with claw hammers—not according to Tony. It’s a direct repudiation of Huntington Beach State Park Police, who arrested three men at the March 25 rally for using pepper spray but prepared such a laughable case against them that the OCDA—which wants to convict anything with a pulse—rejected it. And it’s an embarrassment for California State Parks Police Captain Kevin Pearsall, the person in charge that day, who justified the antifa arrests to the Orange County Register by saying, “Use of pepper spray is really serious because it can do permanent damage.”

Trump Friend assaulting our intern, with Sterling trying to intervene. Know who Trump Friend is?

Not if you’re using it in self-defense, or to save reporters from assault, you pendejo.

We thank Tony Rack for believing our coverage for once, and will address him tomorrow as to why Aguilar is innocent of the charges now being pursued by Senior Deputy District Attorney Brett Brian. In the meanwhile, Tony? Go after these bona fide thugs.

Tomorrow: Why Jessica Aguilar is innocent of all charges at the #MAGAMarch

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  1. What fucking kinda propaganda bullshit is this? If she assaulted someone, let her face fair trail. This isn’t journalism. This is cronyism. This is why everyone makes fun of California. Y’all are fake AF. Y’all worship mainstream celebrities, yet act counter-culture. Get TF outta here! Fucking losers in LaLa Land.

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