Chapter One Hosts Fundraiser for Halloween Hit-and-Run Victims THIS TUESDAY

It's been over a week since the tragic hit-and-run accident that took the lives of twins Lexi and Alexandra Huerta and Andrea Gonzales on Halloween night. Since then, the outpouring of support from the community has been strong, and this Tuesday night at Chapter One's Red Room, locals will be able to lend their support once more for the families of the girls through a benefit fundraiser event.


Local art group/collective Konsept as well as Chapter One have organized the Andrea Gonzales, Lexi and Alexandra Huerta Benefit Show to fund raise for the overwhelming financial needs of the three families. There will be numerous raffles throughout the night, prizes include: a dinner for two at Chapter One, a dinner for two at C4 Deli, as well as admission tickets to the Long Beach Museum of Art. Several artists from Konsept will also be donating their own artwork to go towards the raffle as well. In addition, 10% of the food and drink proceeds will benefit the three families.

Tonight is a good chance to come out and support the families through this difficult time, and anyone willing to participate by donating their own goods and services through a raffle can contact the organizers of Konsept by email at ko************@gm***.com.

Other ways to help out the families of the three teen girls, per the City of Santa Ana, include donating through the SAPOA Widows & Orphans Fund, SA Police Officers Association, and the Santa Ana Federal Credit Union, details here.

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