Chapman Crafted Pils, Our Beer of the Week!

Chapman Pils, photo and story Greg Nagel

It was around 3 pm on Saturday when the swapass began to set in. “ROBOT. NEED. PILSNER,” I spoke into our oscillating fan, sounding like some sort of space drunk before heading out into the day’s blaze. What sent me on this quest was seeing that Chapman Crafted is going to celebrate their second anniversary with all kinds of food, activities, and some pilsner variants on August 11th. I robot-yelled at my GPS to “NAVIGATE TO CHAPMAN CRAFTED,” before waiting a couple seconds for the b-beep sound to accept, then finished with, “BEFORE. ROBOT. DIES. OF. HEAT.” 

Despite not having AC at Chapman Crafted, I wasn’t the only one with this bright idea of drinking pils on a hot day. The place is filled with flip-flop wearing coeds yielding sweaty stanges filled with fizzy clear yellow beer. In their game room which is easily 85F, most are smart enough to at least not play ping pong and fussball. When it’s this hot, the only thing I can think about is lifting a glass of lager to my mouth and repeating several times until empty. 

Chapman brewer Brian Thorson has been crafting lagers at this location along the brewery’s two-year tenure. Beers like Yes Chef! hoppy lager have always been a must-buy, and his pils is yet another fine example of what the Fu Manchu bearded brewer can create. Sure, he makes hazy double IPA, triple IPA, Milkshake IPA, and West Coast IPA’s (all available in the cooler to snatch up), but when I think of Chapman, I think crisp and clean lager.

Chapman Crafted’s 2nd Anniversary Block Party (unticketed) is August 11 at their brewery: 123 N. Cypress St. Orange. Food is catered by Haven Gastropub and will feature live music, thirty-plus beers on tap, including special one-off kegs, a special anniversary can release, cask beers, face painting (BEER. WRITER. NEEDS. ROBOT. PAINT), ice cream, and limited edition anniversary merch. 

Chapmen friends Long Beach Jerky Co.Lucky Habanero SalsaBangarang Coffee Roasters, and San Diego Snack Company will be at the party as well! 

Chapman Crafted, 123 N Cypress St, Orange, (844) 855-2337;

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