Chantal Caban Becomes Latest OC Wife Accused of Driving Her SUV Into Her Husband

For (at least) the second time in eight days, an Orange County woman has been arrested for driving her SUV into her husband.

In the most recent case, the make and model of the wifey weapon of choice was a Ford Escape–giving new meaning to the word escape, at least for the hubby who managed to walk away with a minor injury.

Last week we blogged about 65-year-old Maureen Geddie, who allegedly drove her car into her fiance in a beach
parking lot in Huntington Beach–twice! She was booked at the city jail on suspicion of attempted murder,
with a deadly weapon, hit and run, and driving under the influence of

Today, the Orange County Register brings us the story of 22-year-old Chantal Caban, who is accused of driving her black Ford Escape into her husband in the 21300 block of Lake
Forest Drive in Lake Forest late Saturday night.

He sustained a cut lip, and she sustained an arrest on suspicion of domestic violence
inflicting injury on a spouse and a brief jail stay.

Sheriff's deputies reportedly don't know what prompted the lovers' spat.

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