Chamoy Dole Whip Is Trending Even Without a Hip Name

Kups, an Italian ice joint in Westminster, has been around for a year, but it was only recently that their chamoy dole whip began popping up on Instagram like crazy. Unlike Cauldron Ice Cream, their decor is simple–just a small space with menu boards, hanging lights, and a large frame of inspirational quotes. Unlike Cauldron Ice Cream and Afters, their chamoy dole whip doesn't have a hip name. And perhaps they don't need one.


Like Frostbites, Kups is known for serving desserts with a custard base and scoop of ice on top. But what makes them different from Frostbites and, well, every Italian ice shop in Orange County is their experimentation with flavors. Mango and strawberry ice has definitely been done before, but to add dole whip and a layer of chamoy? Disneyland ain't got nothing on that. And how about putting horchata ice with vanilla custard, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and pouring Thai tea all over it? That's nowhere to be seen in the county and, in case you were wondering, it's delicious.

But let's discuss the chamoy dole whip a bit further. When the puffle at Cauldron Ice Cream blew up, it was because they put a Hong Kong-style waffle with ice cream and made their shop pretty enough for photo ops. But the chamoy dole whip is responsible for its own fame. Alone, it glimmers a magnificent gradient of magenta and yellow that resembles the pattern of a galaxy. On top of it is a layer of bright red chamoy, the piquant Mexican condiment used on candy and to sprinkle on fruits. Once you scoop off the chamoy, you're left with slightly numb lips that are best treated with the remaining ice and pineapple custard. The custard isn't as creamy as Joe's, but it works for dole whip. However, the ice is finer.

Kups may not be blowing up at a pace as fast as, say, Afters, but it serves residents who aren't feeling Tebo Tebo or Snow Monster after eating at Brodard Restaurant nearby. In many ways, it's the dessert shop Westminster–and Orange County, at that–never knew it needed.

Kups is located at 9348 Westminster Blvd, Westminster.

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