Chad Curtis, Former Angels Outfielder, Shares His Sex Assault Story from Michigan Prison

Chad Curtis–who was a spark plug for what was then the California Angels of the early 1990s and also spent his 10-year career with the Tigers, Blue Jays, Dodgers, Indians, Yankees and Rangers–is not sitting in a dugout these days but the Harrison Correctional Facility in Adrian, Michigan.

That's where the 45-year-old, married father of six and devout Christian has been since October, after being convicted of sexually assaulting multiple underage girls.


Chad Curtis, Former Angels Outfielder, Accused of Inappropriate Touching of Girl Students

Greg Hanlon has a fascinating story on the Sports on Earth site titled “Sins of the Preacher” that puts the whole Curtis saga in full-frontal context. Give it a read with your morning java or lunchtime PB&J.

Curtis followed his Major League Baseball career by becoming a volunteer in Middle America high school gyms, where he helped student-athletes of both sexes reach their full potential (and hear his proselytizing). What landed him in prison were, shall we say, intimate massages of females as young as freshmen on a Michigan campus.

He says it was cure their aches and pains, but even his defenders have got to wonder why he performed these services in a windowless room off the main training room–and why he had to massage the girls' bare breasts and asses.

The girls themselves certainly wondered about that, which led to the criminal case against Curtis. The former baller points Hanlon to the ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars to inform on his opinion of his accusers.

The thing is, the pretty little liars of the television show are all friends in the same grade. Those who made the allegations against Curtis came from different classes and even different schools. (He'd been kicked out of couple before landing at the last one, for reasons no one has been able to explain.)

Further, his first accuser was famously ostracized when she came forward. It wasn't a level of fame anyone would seek, most certainly not a girl at an age where one is hyper-sensitive about how they are viewed by their peers. Given this, why would the others come forward also?

Don't worry, Curtis gets plenty of opportunity to state his case in the piece, so if you wondered like I did about how the onetime Halo with the Haloest Halo of them all wound up where he has, now you can find out the answer.

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