CH. 3 Whets Our Appetite For Their First Full Album in Decades With “Not That It Matters”

These days, we’re glad to see many of OC’s original punk bands have discovered the fountain of youth decades after their heyday. This year alone we’ve already had stellar releases from bands like T.S.O.L. and The Crowd who’ve released some stellar albums that help restore our faith in four chord fury. But those who really know about OC’s old school punk scene are equally stoked to see Cerritos-bred band CH. 3 release their first full length album in decades, starting with the debut of their lead single “Not That It Matters.”

Recapturing the spirit of their days on Posh Boy Records, the song delivers a hard-charging anti-love song about the all-too-familiar doomed punk rock relationship.

“We tend to shy away from a usual love songs, there always has to be a problem that makes it much more interesting,” says lead singer/guitarist Mike Magrann. “It’s just about a relationship that’s run its course and both parties are a little too tired to fight it anymore and you give up. But it’s one of those fun destructive relationships where you know things aren’t gonna well, but let’s have a good time while we’re going it.”

The song is the first release off of their latest album Put Em Up (to be released on TKO Records) produced by revered punk producer Jay Lansford (Agent Orange, The Vandals, Gigantor) who helped the band record 10 songs during a long weekend in the studio.

“It goes back to the old Posh Boy days where we’d go in the studio and whip out an album over a long weekend and we decided to strip it down and do that once again,” Magrann says. “And it turned out killer and is the best thing we’ve done in decades.” If the sound throttling out of our speakers on their single release is any indication, then Magrann is definitely telling the truth. The song is a mix of old school grit, peppy upbeat riffs and Magrann’s melodic growl that give it all the makings of a classic CH. 3 track. Check out the song below and make sure to catch the band if you’re in Vegas this weekend for Punk Rock Bowling and later this summer at It’s Not Dead Fest.

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