Cesar Chavez Legacy, Half-Off!

As if the once-proud United Farm Workers couldn't get any lamer (see tiny-ass picture below), along comes a UFW spring sale. “Sooner or later the march ends and you have to go home,” goes their breathless pitch. “Bummer…but don't just sit there! You can still remember Cesar Chavez and support the farm workers' cause with 20% off on books, posters, audio/video and other goodies to brighten your d├ęcor and outook on life.” Amongst the crap offered are coffee mugs, mouse pads (“Re-installing your operating system again? UFW Si Se Puede Mouse Pad says “It can be done”) and pens (“Write the great American novel, or the next telenovela with our UFW Si Se Puede pen”). Even the Martin Luther King Foundation doesn't doesn't devolve to those depths. We're running out of nice things to say about the UFW, which seems to be intent on eradicating its legacy the way alcoholics want to waste away their liver, so all we can say is we hope the UFW pens don't shatter as easily as its union's principles.


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