Cerveza de Chango from Bootlegger's Brewery, Our Drink Of The Week

The fastest way to lose credibility with a tried-and-true beer geek is
to admit to liking those over-carbonated, hop-flavored sodas masquerading
as beer that are mass-produced in Mexico. Corona, Tecate, Pacífico and
the like are pretty much universally panned by the beer-noscenti, and
they'll stop paying attention to you if you admit an occasional fondness
for a cubeta.

What happens, though, if the fizzy beer is made by a local craft
brewery? Does that give it the Beer Hipster Stamp of Approval?
Bootlegger's Brewery did it, releasing it on Cinco de Mayo, and they
call it Chango (“monkey” in Spanish). This leads to conflicting
emotions: it's made in Fullerton! But it's fizzy! It's actually really
good! But it's FIZZY!


Fortunately, most people aren't as conflicted; an unscientific survey showed that at least one out of every four pints poured during a visit last week was Chango, and for good reason.

Chango is like Tecate's big brother, with a slightly fruity, sort of Hefeweizen-y slant to replace the sour aftertaste that passes for flavor in canned Tecate. It's relatively low in alcohol, which makes it a great idea for hot, lazy summer days; you can drink it all afternoon and still manage to stand up to go to dinner.

The lime, however, is unnecessary and not available at the tasting room; you'll have to drink your Chango straight.

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