Cereal Milk, Breakfast's Delicious Remains, Is Now Sold In Cartons

Perhaps it was the first science discovery you made as a kid. If you let your sugary cereal sit and dissolve in milk, you end up with something magical: cereal milk. (An aside: My grandmother would always serve us Corn Flakes in milk, and then add sugar. Not sure if she thought this was healthier than Frosted Flakes, but it sure was delicious!) 
Now, the impatient children of today don't even have to wait to consume the greatest part of breakfast. Los Angeles-based Cow Wow is selling cereal-flavored milk in convenient 8-ounce boxes.


The milk comes in six flavors, all named after cartoon cows: Honey Beatrice, Chocolate Chip Cathy, Fruity Trudy, Cinny Minny, Peanut Butter Bessie and Frosty Francine. All are made with 100-percent organic, lowfat milk with 6 grams of added sugar, and have a one-year shelf life. The cartons will be sold in Southern California supermarkets and on Amazon before rolling out nationally. 
New York City's Momofuku Milk Bar was first to market cereal-infused milk. Make your own with this recipe.  
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