CBD Shark: Our Toke of the Week!

Strain: CBD Shark Hybrid
Price: $30 1/8th $60 1/4
Dispensary: Super Clinik 2525 S. Birch Street Santa Ana,CA 92707  714-557-2050

Slowly but surely, we are seeing more strains of CBD dominate marijuana. Or like CBD Shark, a strain that is 1:1 equal parts THC and CBD. It's a hybrid that's 80% indica and 20 percent sativa and has been crossed with a CBD high strain that is being kept a closely guarded secret. The percentage of CBD:THC averages between 8 to 10 percent so you get a nice mellow buzz and super relaxed.

I was looking for some major relief: my day job is a meatcutter (they call me The Butcher), and sometimes the simplest tasks can pull a muscle or strain the old back. I can't pinpoint when I tweaked my upper back, but it was killing me when I recently raised my right arm. I took a 15 percent CBD gummy candy and waited for some relief, but nada. I was almost going to take another CBD gummy candy but, nah, I learned my lesson with the edible popcorn

I found  the CBD Shark at Super Clinik in SanTana, one of the legit dispensaries in town. Quick aside: A shoutout to the City of SanTana for being progressive and giving people who use medical marijuana a safe place to buy, whether it's for recreational or medical use, marijuana in all its different forms. I see more customers that are elderly or someone that have some disability; the other day I held the door open for a gentleman in a motorized wheelchair. His wife was trying to keep up, they were obviously retired, and I thought it was really cool that here in SanTana they can visit a dispensary that is clean, with a friendly and knowledgeable staff, with no fear of being raided. Gracias, Super Clinik!

Back to the review: CBD Shark is super dank, with a nice pine aroma. I rolled a joint, in my van, the MexiclanMobile, on a beautiful fall evening—perfect smoking weather. It has a real nice taste, hits smooth—my first hit didn't make me cough, probably because of the lower THC. It was almost like smoking a good cigar, relaxing, calming, but about halfway through the joint I started to feel a nice mellow buzz, so I stopped to see what else it might bring. My anticipation led to super relaxation, and I mean SUPER relaxed. The pain in my upper back was now just kind of sore, not the sharp stabbing pain I was experiencing.

WOW, this CBD really works. While it didn't completely eliminate my pain it, did take it from an 8 to a 2. And I wasn't crazy high, I could talk in complete sentences. I was able to watch some TV very comfortably and slept through the night. Besides pain issues, I would highly recommend CBD Shark for anxiety or stress, or replace that bottle of wine for a couple of Shark blunts ;0)

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