CBD Living Water: Our Toke of the Week!

Product: CBD Living Water
Dispensary: Super Clinik 2525 S. Birch St., Santa Ana, CA 92707
Price: $10 per bottle

Editor’s Note: Welcome to our weekly medical marijuana review column, Toke of the Week. In this space, our stable of card-carrying cannabis connoisseurs will be reviewing all the latest strains, edibles and other cannabis-related products. Whether you are a cancer survivor trying to wean yourself from prescription medication or just a typical clinically overstressed suburban smoker, this column is your go-to destination for all-things ganja.

Between the ages of six and 23 soccer was my life. But as I approach 27, the days of full-field sprints and running three miles in 28 minutes are far behind me. But when a group of friends I used to play soccer with recently asked me to join their co-ed team, I decided to go for it even though I’d undoubtedly get my ass kicked.

As game day neared, I was terrified of the debilitating soreness I knew would come post-match. A few days before the match, I purchased a bottle of CBD Living Water from Super Clinik. At the time I was unsure why I bought it. I’d never used CBD before, but for some reason, I thought maybe having some around might come in handy some day—and man, was I right.

Game day arrived and the anxiety was real, especially because my team decided that I should start at center-midfield: the position that requires the most running. Almost immediately, I was hunched over with my hands on my knees gasping for air. It’s a humbling experience to be the most out of shape player on the field. After the game, I did 20 minutes of post-game stretches in attempt to disperse the lactic acid that was collecting in my muscles. But it wasn’t just my muscles that were aching, it was my joints—particularly my knees and hips. I knew I was in for some major pain in the days to follow.

By the time I got home, the stiffness and fatigue had set in. I could barely lift my legs out of the car, let alone get to my room. I dragged my feet up the stairs and was about to plop on my bed when I remembered I had the CBD Living Water. I grabbed the bottle from my shelf and drank half of it. Within 10 minutes, the pain in my joints had faded and my muscles didn’t ache. Minutes earlier, I felt like my only option was to lie in fetal position for the next three days, but the CBD water alleviated my pain. Assuming I ever get back on the soccer pitch, I’ll make sure I have another bottle handy.

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