CBD Infused Tea and Coffee K-Cup by Jane’s Brew/House of Jane: Our Toke of the Week!

Item: CBD Infused Chamomile Tea and Medium Roast Coffee 20mg each K-Cup
Price: $10 each
Dispensary: New Generation 3700 W. Segerstrom Ave. Suite A Santa Ana Ca 92704 657-900-8200

CBD Infused Tea and Coffee K-Cup

While CBD products will never outnumber items with THC they are starting to fill the shelves of your local dispensaries. Gum, body wash, vape cartridges and now the very portable and convenient K-cup, which can be used on any Keurig machine. These K-cups also come infused with THC if you’re looking to get high AF, but for a nice evening of relaxation I recommend the CBD infused products.

After the cannabis plant has been dried two chemicals become prominent, THC and CBD. THC of course is the psychoactive chem and CBD is what relaxes you and relieves anxiety, something we all can’t get enough of. Taking CBD is very similar to drinking a couple glasses of wine without the drunk and hangover part. So if you don’t imbibe but need to chill out CBD is for you. You will sleep better and wake up without any headache or wine breath. Ha! #BorrachoProblems…

I tried the Chamomile tea first, toasted some english muffins with a little butter and organic strawberry jam, put on my Deadpool onesie and got ready to chillax! The tea tasted excellent! I couldn’t detect any cannabis aftertaste, it tasted like chamomile tea, a very good chamomile tea. About four sips in I started to get that CBD relax my face feeling. I love that feeling. It always hits me first at my forehead, then comes around my neck and shoulders before the rest of my body enjoys the slightly numbing effect. I finished the toast and tea and went right to bed and enjoyed a nice deep sleep. A perfect ending for a cold winter night.

I was off the next day so I was looking forward to the medium roast CBD infused coffee.

I am a card carrying member of the coffee snob crowd, single origin, organic, french press, burr grinder kind of guy. Not an every day coffee drinker just on my off days and I drink coffee to relax, it gets me so wound up I usually pass out after a couple of cups. Before I brew the K-cup I run over to get a couple of chocolate covered cake donuts, I drink my coffee black but like to pair it with a sweet pastry. Like the Chamomile tea, the coffee was spot on! Jane’s Brew from House of Jane delivers a high quality product, great tasting and the perfect amount of CBD to relieve any anxiety or aches and pains.

Maybe because of the caffeine the coffee delivered the CBD quicker to my body, I felt the numbness after two good sips of the medium roast java. 20 mg a K-cup seemed a bit high to me at first but I never felt too relaxed but it’s always a good practice to drink a few sips and see where you’re at, then a few more if you’re not yet sure of your tolerance. Cheers!

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