CBD Ginger Peach Black Tea: Our Toke of the Week!

Product: CBD Ginger Peach Black Tea by One Love Tea
Dispensary: The Reserve OC; 2911 S Tech Center Dr Santa Ana, CA 92705
Price: $14

CBD Ginger Peach Black Tea

Last Saturday night one of my logtime friends hosted a bachelorette party, and I experienced the mother of all hangovers the next day. Between my pulsing head, an unstable stomach and aching eyes I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about life at all on Sunday. I even had a moment where I contemplated writing a will because I was certain my liver was doomed and beyond the point of repair. I was barely holding on; I was on death’s doorstep. I pulled the covers over my head to block out the streams of light coming through the window shades, and came to a grim realization: I have nothing of importance to leave anyone aside from a car that I’m still making payments on, a puppy, lots of rocks, $100 and some weed. I felt like a degenerate, as I curled into fetal position and pondered the meaning of life.

Although it hurt to even think, I remembered I had CBD tea in the pantry. Whether you’re experiencing joint pain, anxiety, body aches, illness or cramps CBD, or cannabidiol, has the power to provide substantial relief even to those who are severely suffering. The problem, however, was figuring out how to get to the pantry. I tried to sit up, but got overwhelmingly light headed and saw black spots in my peripherals, which then made me nauseous (again). I chugged some water and immediately laid back down in bed. The kitchen seemed like a pilgrimage away.

After 30 minutes of whining and rolling around in bed, I finally mustered up enough power to get to the kitchen—even though I almost yacked twice while en route. I made it to the cupboards, and as soon as I opened the pantry I heard the song of angels. The CBD tea was surrounded by a celestial glow that radiated from the packaging. I was so excited that I had made it to the pantry that I almost poured the loose leaf tea straight into my mouth, but I realized that was overboard. I needed to boil some water.

Finally after steeping the tea, I took my first sip. Peach dominated my palate, while hints of ginger danced on the back of my tongue. The tea was scolding hot, but I needed the relief of CBD immediately so I drank it anyway—despite scorching the roof of my mouth. The best part about the CBD Ginger Peach Tea is that there’s no earthy, green or harsh CBD taste. In fact, I’d even compare the taste of the tea to Stash’s Ginger Peach Tea— except the loose leaf, CBD version tastes much better. And apparently, the tea tastes great iced, too.

40 minutes after I drank the tea, I began to feel considerable relief. My brain no longer pulsed with every breath I took, my body was relieved from aches and my stomach was finally still. No longer was I lying in fetal position on death’s doorstep. The CBD helped curb my hang over, and the caffeine in the tea helped provide enough energy to move around normally. I’m definitely keeping CBD loose leaf teas on hand forever.

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