Cavero at Anepalco, Our Drink of the Week!

Summer is about to end, which means you got to head over to Anepalco’s booze-serving location at the Alo Hotel in Orange TONIGHT to try the awesome cocktails that Cesar Cerrudo slung all summer. He’s going to launch his fall menu soon, and it’ll no doubt offer magnificent drinks worthy of the most underrated bartender in OC. But it probably won’t offer what served as my breakfast, lunch, and dinner these past couple of months: the Cavero.

Named after legendary Afro-Peruvian singer Arturo “Zamba” Cavero, it’s a drink worthy of his deep, luxurious music and puro Peru: Capurro pisco and crème de cacao, with Cynar and orange bitters for a sharp finish. Think of it as an Andean Manhattan; think of it as you drink your fourth and fifth and get a room at the Alo to sleep it off, only to do it again for weekend brunch…wait, did I just reveal my summer? So it goes, so go hang with Cerrudo—BOOM.

Anepalco 3737 Chapman Ave, Orange, (714) 456-9642;

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