Casting Call For Anthony Bourdain & Nigella Lawson's Cooking Competition Series This Saturday in Santa Monica

You probably won't meet Bourdain or the comely Brit, but you will have a chance to audition this Saturday in LA if you're interested in competing for what they promise is an “exciting” new cooking show for ABC hosted by the pair.

The requirements for being considered are pretty lax. You don't have to be a chef, just not a convicted felon or currently running for office. But you do have to bring a finished dish to serve the judges. The website warns that there won't be any heating equipment to use there, but does advise that the food needs to be finished and plated once you enter the audition room.


Good luck to any of you who are going to do this, and also to those judges who sound like their going to need some Pepto at best or a vomit bag at worst.
Check out the rest of the rules here for yourself.

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