Carlos Bustamante, Disgraced Santa Ana Ex-Councilmember, Making Public Appearances Again

Sometime last summer, suddenly, SanTana councilmember Carlos “Busty” Bustamante simply disappeared.

It made complete sense. The two-term councilman and once-rising start in the Republican Party of Orange County had just been arrested and charged for multiple felonies by Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas for allegedly being the most ass-grabbing boss this side of Benny Hill, except without the humor and with claimed masturbation in front of his victims. (ewwwww…). He missed multiple council meetings and wisely chose not to run for reelection.

Everyone assumed he'd just stay walled in his ritzy Floral Park home. But now, he's back–huh?


So far this young year, Busty has been seen laughing it up in downtown SanTana–as recently as last night, even. He has privately told friends he's innocent of all the charges and expects to beat them, which is a bold statement as Tony Rack's office, for all of its problems, has always been thorough when it comes to the issue of sex crimes. Fucker doesn't fool around with that shit, you know.

Busty's trial is scheduled for later this year. Ladies and germs: if you see Busty ambling up to a barstool, better you move three down…

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