Carla “Kaya” Lewis, Sister of TapouT's Mask, Faces Lawsuit for Winning a Lawsuit

Last week, we reported the conclusion of a bizarre lawsuit filed by one Carla “Kaya” Lewis, the sister of TapouT co-founder Charles “Mask” Lewis, regarding her deceased brother's ashes. Now comes word that Kaya is facing her own lawsuit because of the lawsuit she just won.

According to papers filed in Orange County Superior Court, Kaya hired Irvine-based private investigator firm Luna Quest to work on her behalf for the lawsuit she filed against TapouT over her brother. Luna Quest head Kenneth Luna, Sr. is now claiming breach of contract, fraudulent concealment, and five other charges in alleging that Kaya didn't tell his firm she had earned a large settlement.


Luna's narrative starts in 2011, when he says Kaya hired him with the promise of 12 percent of whatever her final settlement was against TapouT. After having spent $20,000 out of his own pocket for Kaya's services, Luna alleges he was left wondering at the beginning of 2013 what, if any resolution, would happen in the lawsuit. Kaya kept assuring Luna the lawsuit was going fine, that Luna would get paid, that she changed lawyers–and then stopped communicating. It wouldn't be until April that Kaya's attorneys informed Luna that TapouT had paid “any settlement funds payable to [Lewis]…on February 21, 2013.”

The lawsuit also hints as to how much money Kaya could've possibly earned from her TapouT suit, a number that many in the MMA world want to know–according to Luna's attorneys, Kaya told Luna at one point that she, “had turned down a $1,000,000 settlement offer” and that “plaintiffs do not know the precise amount of the settlement, but believe that amount to be in excess of $1,000,000.”

The case is assigned to Judge Jamoa Moberly–as of press time, Kaya's side has not filed a response.

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