Care For a Glass of Cold, Refreshing Pee Water?

With Texas facing a nasty drought, some folks are going deep into the bowels of, well, bowels, for drinking water.  

The town of Big Spring is breaking ground on a $13 million plant that will take treated wastewater, normally discharged into a lake or creek, and blend it into the regular water system.

Wastewater recycling is hardly a novel concept–Orange County was among
the first to implement a “toilet to tap” program
–but more areas are
finally shedding the pee-water taboo. The reverse osmosis process is
completely safe, stopping virtually all non-water molecules–bacteria,
viruses, pharmaceuticals–from ever making it to our faucets. What pours
out is pure and tasty.

Fast Company reports that Singapore actually sells bottled water that comes from its treated
wastewater plants. Us Weeklings started thinking that OC should start
doing the same in these budget-wracked times. We just need a good brand
name. Dasani-tized Water? Poohier (like Perrier)? Fartletts?

We'll be here all night. 

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