Care by Design Tincture Spray: Our Toke of the Week!


Walk in to a dispensary and the choices can be overwhelming. But for the new medical marijuana consumer, that’s a good thing. Choose from edibles, countless strains of pot, drinks and even ice cream, but the one product that will get into your system quick and help relieve what ever is ailing you is the tincture. Tinctures have been used for many years as legit medicine and was one of the original ways that cannabis was ingested before the age of marijuana prohibition. You place the recommended dosage under your tongue and the arterial blood supply absorbs the CBD or THC and in about 15 minutes you will feel the effects.


Care By Design is one of the most respected medical marijuana companies in the business. They test all their products and label everything so you know exactly what you’re taking. Although, we are still in the era of non-regulation, the top notch companies are starting to get on board with testing because that’s the direction that the states that have legalized marijuana are headed. Care By Design tinctures come in a variety of CBD to THC ratios so you can choose according to how bad you feel or how good you want to feel. The tincture I chose is 18:1, meaning 18 parts CBD to 1 part THC. I’ve been a little stressed out lately so the 18:1 should relax me into a semi-coma. Ha!


I had used a tincture only once before and it worked wonderfully. It was THCA which in my humble opinion is stronger than CBD so the THCA tincture basically knocked me the fuck out for like four hours. I woke up feeling GREAT! Care By Design has measured each time you spray as a dose and they recommend two sprays but I was driving around and waited until I got home to spray again. The 18:1 CBD tincture is for someone that has high anxiety or tons of stress, so spray a little at a time to figure out what dosage works for you and you’ll get that much needed deep sleep.


Available at From The Earth, 3023 S. Orange, Santa Ana. (657) 444-7336. $24


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