Car Carrying Assemblymember Allan Mansoor Breaks Down During H.B. 4th of July Parade

Newish Assemblycritter, former Costa Mesa mayor and would-be Migra director Allan Mansoor was one of the featured politicians in yesterday's Fourth of July parade in Huntington Beach. Between the marching bands, the Mexican-flag-toting charros, the El Bekal Shriners in their Tin Lizzies, and all eight Orange County Democrats, the city likes to have local politicians ride the route in open-top convertibles. Some of them are really popular, like pro-fire ring Assemblyman Travis Allen; others are not.


Mansoor's ride, though, wasn't up to the task of carrying his stately, taco truck-hating, gay-bashing, deficit-spending, dissent-quashing bum, and so we all got to cackle as he pushed the yellow car up Main Street toward Huntington Beach High School, aided by a United Nations' worth of people who probably didn't know he hates them all.

At least he wasn't actively cat-called from the sidelines, like Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-Deliverance) or whoever's occupying the Huntington Beach City Treasurer's office this year.

Still: allegory calling, line 1…

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