Cantina: Give Us a Bag of Limes, and We'll Give You a Cocktail for 25¢

Here at SAFII, we've been covering the explosion in lime prices due to Mexican chaos for a week now, but we somehow missed this: last week, Fullerton's excellent Matador Cantina offered a hell of a special. Bring in a bag of limes, and they'd give you one of their craft cocktails for a quarter.

Is this how desperate restauranteurs are now for limes? The answer, of course, is yes!


Here's the proof:

I'm not sure if the offer is still available, but given that prices for limes have not gone down since the post, let's just say I'm confident in saying that if you show up with a bag of limes to Matador, they'll easily give you a hefty discount for some of that sweet, sweet sour. Now, time to visit some cousins in Anacrime I haven't seen in a while…

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