Can't Pay Your State Tax by April 15?

If there's no way in Helena you can pay what you owe in state income tax by April 15, fear not: you don't have to.

That is, you will have to pay your taxes eventually, but the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) today
advised those who need extra time to contact the agency immediately for assistance to avoid penalties. 

people experiencing a financial hardship and cannot pay what they owe,
FTB specialists can establish payment plans, grant temporary relief
from state tax liens, or, in some cases, delay collection actions,” the FTB announced.

The agency generally approves installment payment requests if the balance owed is
less than $25,000 and can be paid within 60 months.

Financially distressed homeowners trying to sell or refinance their
homes while facing state liens can also receive assistance. Information on all the ways the FTB can help is available at, including ways to help taxpayers resolve their accounts through installment agreement requests.
For lien information, look under the “Bills and Notices” tab and then
under the Earnings Withholding and Collections Action section, select:
Individuals – Liens.
Help is also a phone call away at
(800) 689-4776 Mondays through Fridays, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Information on other taxes and fees in California is available at

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