CannabisTalk 101: OC’s Marijuana Movement Radio Station

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Every week’s exciting and informative cannabis radio station, hosted by well known attorneys Chris and Mark Wright, also known as the Pot Brothers at Law, strive to find the most influential and inspiring marijuana patients, cannabis advocates, product owners and others in the industry as guests on their show. With the sole purpose of educating their listeners and shedding light on the truths and myths behind marijuana, as well as its consumption.

They’ve had USMC Veteran Sean J. Major, who’s had four traumatic brain surgeries, procedures necessary because of injuries he was succumbed to while serving in the military. He made a conscious decision to give up the prescription drugs when he discovered cannabis gave him a better quality of life while aiding his medical conditions.

Major is only one of many to go on air with the Pot Brothers at Law to tell his success story with cannabis in his everyday life. Discuss products, canna companies, publications, opinions and anything relevant related to the cannabis industry with CannabisTalk 101. The Pot Brothers at Law are known for many thing, but one that stands apart from the rest is their 25-word script, however, more than just that to teach about the marijuana industry. Check out these photos from a live taping of the show.

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