Cannabis Voter Is Your (Green) Guide To Election Day!

With mid term elections just days away there are still some people that are in the dark about what measures and candidates have the ability to shape the cannabis industry in California for years to come.

Early figures and opinion polls suggest that both the Senate and the House of Representatives front runners, Diane Feinstein and Dana Rohrabacher will claim victory for their respective parties. Which means, despite a decades long drug war backed by Mrs. Feinstein’s organization, cannabis is continuously gaining support amongst lawmakers.

Gavin Newsom looks to be a shoe-in to claim victorious as our newest Governor. As the former Mayor of San Francisco Newsom was instrumental in being on the forefront of cannabis reform as well as allowing storefronts to operate legally within the city limits. This looks to be a huge win for our community after years of our current administrations history of negativity towards cannabis legalization.

For each of our local municipal ballots there are several measures that will affect local cannabis business codes and guidelines. These initiatives will allow voters the power of deciding on taxes, store bans, and who can own and operate local dispensaries or farms(if any).

For a list of measures, and to see who is voting in favor of your best interests towards cannabis visit Cannabis Voter and do some homework. This election could stand to change our favorite plant forever.

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