Canna Nano CBD Water Brings Sustainable Spin to Patient Appreciation Day

Zoe, a five-year-old from Huntington Beach, suffers from Osteogenesis Imperfecta type 3, also known as brittle bones disorder. Her condition has kept her from learning how to crawl or walk, causing most days to be spent lying on her back. Three months ago, however, Zoe's parents began giving her half a bottle of Canna Nano CBD infused water and she's since learned how to crawl. Dubbed “miracle water” by her parents, Lush is currently making progress in learning how to stand. Tomorrow from 12-5 pm, Huntington Beach-based Canna Nano Water will have a booth set up at Super Clinik in Santa Ana for patient appreciation day.

“My goal with Canna Nano is to help people, not make money,” says Ed Serafin, the company's CEO, who’s overcome with emotion after explaining Lush’s story. “There’s no placebo effect at work here. A five-year-old doesn’t understand anything like that. The fact Zoe was able to start crawling is beyond any result from my product I could have asked for.”

But unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple years, everyone knows—or has at least heard—that CBD can be wildly transformational. It’s not as common, however, to hear about cannabis companies (or any company, really) using highly sustainable practices to make their products. The bottle that Canna Nano uses is a plant-based plastic, making it highly biodegradable. “The bottle we use has special enzymes within the plant plastic that end up becoming a tasty morsel for bacteria to jump on making the breakdown process a lot faster,” says Serafin. “In a landfill our bottle will basically be completely broken down in five years. On average, it takes about 460 years for other plastics to break down.”

What makes their bottle different than other bio-based plastics is that it’s not derived from corn. The reason this is particularly important is because most of the corn on our planet is GMO, therefore, corn-based plastic has GMO and pesticide traces in its structure. So, not only is Canna Nano’s bottle BPA and Bisphenol-S (BPS) free, it’s also GMO and pesticide free. The kicker about this, however, is that in order to be considered biodegradable by law in California, the plastic must be derived from GMO corn. In other words, Canna Nano’s plant based plastic can’t legally be considered biodegradable—even though it will break down substantially faster than most other plastics.

The way in which Canna Nano gets their water is also fascinating. Taken from the ocean, the water goes through an intense filtration process and then put into an evaporation tank, where it’s heated using solar thermal energy. A moisture cloud forms, rises and is condensed into purified rain within the tank. The water then goes through a carbon filter, two sub-micron filters and a UV filter for a second round of purification. After the filtration process, the hemp derived CBD, which is certified kosher and non-GMO, is added to the water. “People argue that THC activates CBD, which is the why people say that CBD taken from hemp isn’t as good as CBD taken from the actual flower,” explains Serafin. “My response to that is any clinical trial you can find right now and most studies you find on CBD is based on hemp CBD. The facts are there. Hemp CBD is just as powerful.”

A self-professed water snob, Serafin emphasizes the importance of drinking clean water to maintain cellular health and a balanced immune system. But with high sodium levels, to fluoride, to Bisphenol-A (BPA), a lot of water that meets drinking water standards isn’t as nourishing to our bodies as we’d like to think. This, according to Serafin, is the differentiating factor between Canna Nano Water and other CBD beverages. “Our alkaline water sits at 9.2 pH,” he says. “The benefit of drinking water with a high alkaline pH is that it has a de-acidifying effect on the body, which helps people with cancer because it can’t survive in alkaline environments. And combined with the dosage of CBD in each bottle, the water has tremendous healing properties for an array of conditions.”

With the president-elect’s lack of environmental empathy and his team of politicians who are notoriously anti-marijuana, supporting local cannabis companies that aim to minimize carbon emissions has never been more important.“It’s important to us to use sustainable sources to respect and preserve our planet,” says Serafin. “By doing that, we’re able to provide better product and ultimately help more people.”

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  1. CBD lotion has saved me and my friend from severe shouder pain. We were both injured at our work place and had marginal pain treatment from the physician. I found your CBD lotion and water Kush-Stock. It is miraculous. Thank you so much for offering these products. I will continue to inform anyone that asks about your product. I have a picture of your product on my phone so am able to show the exact product someone needs to purchase.

    PS My friend purchased some 100mg CBD from a Medical place but not the same result.
    Have a great holiday season. ~ peace Jan

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