Canine Candidates

Not too far away, on Birdwell Island, sits Clifford the Big Red Dog and his owner, Emily Elizabeth. This Big Red Dog has a few big ideas-share, play fair, have respect, work together, be responsible, be truthful, be kind, believe in yourself, be a good friend and help others. So, uh, Clifford for President? Clifford the Big Red Dog has been teaching your kids his 10 simple, tangible life lessons in books and on television (with the late John Ritter as his voice) since 1962. And now through May, the Discovery Science Center offers a number of “paws-on” adventures that reinforce those ideals: Slide down the tail of a 9-foot Clifford, fill his big dog bowl with a conveyor belt, dig for bones, visit the Post Office and much more. Clifford might be too late to run on the 2008 ticket, but here's hopin' for '12.
Feb. 22-May 4, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., 2008

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