Cancun Juice Opens Fifth OC Location in Costa Mesa

I went to Cancun Juice a lot this past summer. At this point I've tried nearly all their agua frescas, but haven't decided whether the pineapple, mango, strawberry, or guanabana is my favorite. I do prefer the Santa Ana location over the Orange, though, this despite the better parking situation at the Orange store. The Anaheim Cancun Juice next to Jollibee is great, too, especially since it's next to Jollibee. I've not, however, been to the other Anaheim branch.

Now there's a fifth Cancun Juice, and it's in Costa Mesa at 2200 Harbor Blvd.


It, like the others, specializes in tortas and all variants of fresh squeezed juice. But for me, Cancun Juice is all about those $2 aguas frescas. Because as it turns out, Cancun Juice's aguas frescas are the drinks I actually wanted when I thought I wanted a smoothie from Jamba Juice.

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