Cambinos Asian BBQ Does Shrimp

I have Ben Dayhoe of the Santiago Street Lofts blog to thank for introducing me to Cambinos Asian BBQ. I've never met Ben personally but it was through an unsolicited tip he sent me in April of last year that he became like that kid who offers you your first puff of a cigarette behind the gym in junior high.

Cambinos' pork ribs is the closest pig meat can come to an addictive substance.


Plus, the owner, James, is the kind of guy you just can't help but like immediately. I dare you not to be bowled over by his hospitality.

Since that initial discovery, both Gustavo and I have reviewed the place and featured it on a BBQ round-up review and Best Of lists. We even had owner James Sar do an On The Line interview with us.

Now it is again Ben who has tipped us off that James is experimenting on a new recipe. This time, it's barbecued shrimp with guava sauce. From the pictures that Ben shared with us (see photo above), I can theorize that if the pork ribs are as addictive as cigs, these shrimp look like pure crack cocaine.

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