Calvary Chapel's Pendejo Pastor

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My prediction: few groups will unleash the anti-gay hounds more viciously in the battle over same-sex marriage in California than the Calvary Chapel fellowship. Founder Chuck Smith is already out there in his loud Hawaiian shirts; now, it's David Rosales' turn.

Rosales (pictured) is the head pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Valley, a congregation in Hell with more than 8,000 members. Yesterday, he wrote a letter to the Orange County Register (not available online, unfortunately) that was astonishing in its stupidity–and, considering I once wrote that Calvary Chapel members make the Scopes Monkey trial seem erudite by comparison, that's quite an accomplishment.

He starts off by saying “as a Mexican-American, I take great insult” in folks equating gay marriage to the civil rights movement, but then can't determine exactly what he is–Rosales says he was born “ethnically Mexican,” that “no matter how much I want to, tomorrow I can't wake up Swedish,” and that “I can't determine that I am any other race other than the one I have been born into.” Sociology alert! Rosales can't seem to distinguish between ancestral group (Mexican-American), ethnic group (no such thing as an overarching Mexican ethnicity, amigo), national identity (here's a Mexican Swede for you, Pastor Pendejo) and race (besides the fact it doesn't exist, Mexican is definitely not a “race,” no matter how much Aztlanistas may try).

But that's not even the most offensive things Rosales states.


Pastor Pendejo goes on to claim that many of his followers “came to understand that their sexual preferences were indeed preferences” because “homosexual activists have never proved homosexuality to be an actual biological disposition, as there is no homosexual gene, and they know it.” Rosales then equates gay marriage to pedophilia, incest, and bestiality–you forgot urophilia, padre! And he goes on like this.

Most offensive thing of all? Calvary Chapel Chino Valley will have Al-Qaeda sympathizer Dinesh D'Souza next week–and D'Souza will be at the Calvary Chapel mothership mid-July.
Here's Rosales' blog
–go have fun with Pastor Pendejo.

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