Calvary Chapels in Gardena, Downey Doing Chuck Smith Proud by Trying to Shutter Businesses They Don't Like

While Calvary Chapel founder Chuck Smith battles lung cancer, he no doubts take solace in know that his acolytes are continuing the movement's raison d'etre (besides gay bashing, of course): being moralistic NIMBYers.

The big story right now involves Calvary Chapel South Bay, located in Gardena. They've collected over 3,000 signatures protesting the imminent opening of a strip club about a mile away, arguing it's too close near them…never mind that current LA County regulations prohibit strip clubs from opening closer than 500 feet away from a church, and last I checked, a mile had 5,280 feet to it.

This comes on the heels of that Calvary Chapel's sister congregation over in Downey's own version of playing Christian communists. Last month, hundreds of Calvary Chapel Downey members flooded a a planning commission meeting to protest the proposed building of a three-story hotel near their campus. Their arguments that the hotel will bring crime are baloney. I know that area: it's where my mechanic has his shop, and the Calvary Chapel Downey campus is mixed in among homes, auto shops, a continuation school, and homes–not exactly a place for pimps and hos, you know?

As for Calvary Chapel South Bay: what did Jesus say about planks and your eyes?

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