California Moto Market Showcased the Best in Women’s Motorcycle Apparel and Gear

The annual California Moto Market ( landed in Costa Mesa this past weekend, bringing together mostly women’s motorcycle apparel and gear companies. Whether you’re a woman rider who needs innovative duds or sporty gear or you just want to look spiffy racing down the highway, this was the place to not only find them, but also connect with other riders in the community.

Even for a devotee who hasn’t mastered how to ride a chopper (I’m workin’ on it!), it was a great opportunity to learn about the culture. These companies were among my favorites:

MotoChic: Items from this Bay Area-based company are the epitome of fashion meeting function, including a backpack that converts to a tote bag and a pompom keychain that has a charger cord inside.

Breaking Hearts & Burning Rubber: For the badass femme rider in your life, you’ll find comfortable jackets and gloves (with touch-screen technology in the glove tips) made with durable and breathable materials, plus awesome boots!

Biker Gear Club: The subscription service sends personalized care packages each month filled with surprise merch such as apparel, tools, maintenance products and universal parts.

ATWYLD: Another ladies moto and lifestyle brand, it carries an assortment of cool, flattering clothes for riding and hanging out, from jackets to pants to overalls to print tees.

Rebel Soul Collective: The Long Beach-based apparel company offers snappy lines such as “Be Polite, You Fucker” and “Strong Women Intimidate Boys . . . and Excite Men.” (I agree.)

Garbage Made: Fine leather goods, handmade and stamped with a gnarly skull logo, from Long Beach: coasters, belt-loop keychains, wallets, saddle bags and belts.

Stellar Moto Brand: Armored jump suits with protective padding on shoulders, hips, knees and back will make you feel like a warrior charging down the road on your metal steed. Hi ho, Silver, away!

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