California Milk Processor Board, Owners of “Got Milk? Campaign, Going After

You learn something new every day, and this is my lesson: the California Milk Processor Board, the people behind the famous “Got Milk?” campaign, is based in San Clemente. WTF? Also? They're litigious prudes.

Back in 2010, they went after a T-shirt company for printing T-shirts that read “Got MILF?” an obvious parody that I assumed would be protected by copyright law but apparently isn't. Fresh off that suit, the Board is now going after the owners of, which right now has nothing on it in terms of MILFs–by far, the biggest disappointment of this year for me.

A complaint was filed recently with the World Intellectual Property Organization, “an international provider of non-profit services for the out-of-court resolution of commercial
disputes,” according to its website. “The Center specializes in cases arising out of intellectual property related transactions, in particular technology (e.g., licensing, R&D and distribution) and entertainment (e.g., copyright, production, formats).”

No word yet on whether the board will seek legal action in American courts (the WIPO is part of the United Nations). But maybe the Board is ready to get into the porno business? They also own, but not–that's owned right now by Amber-Lace Entertainment, owner of august websites such as Coed Cherry. Ah, the Internet…more details as we get them!

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