Wildest Dreams Come True with the Commotions

Long Beach’s Commotions handshake ‘60s Farfisaficionados like the Lyres and the B-52s—whose double-dutch call-and-responses get rambunctious revival on songs like “Recipe” and “Cold Feet”—with Jamaican reggae/ska heavies like Jackie Mittoo and Leroy Sibbles, who could haul around entire albums on the strength of a few iron-spined organ melodies and a brontosaurian bassline. It’s a quadropheniac’s wildest dream come true (as per the name of the club night presenting) and evidence of several
very respectable record collections, too. With Tijuana Panthers, who bring Richman-ian vigor and purity to electric rock ‘n’ roll.

Tue., Sept. 29, 10 p.m., 2009

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