Valley Girl

Back when it was cool to hang out at the mall and Nicolas Cage’s acting chops were…OK, he was never really “good,” just less terrible, a little movie called Valley Girl came out and sent pre-teens of the ‘80s into a frenzy. A new language had sprung up; words like “grody” were born and deemed acceptable vernacular. Valley Girl was a typical teen-romance story: Preppy girl falls for sensitive bad boy, thus blowing off her arrogant, rich boyfriend. They come from different worlds (she’s from the Valley, he’s from exotic Hollywood) but how will they maintain a relationship if their friends like different bands?! Oh, the dramatics of youth. And the hair. Wild, crimped, side-ponytailed hair. But fear not! All is, of course, resolved at the prom.

Wed., Sept. 2, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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