Tree Huggers Ball

The summertime (“when the weather is high you can stretch right up and touch the sky”) is closer in the eastern OC foothills. And when the weather is fine, you got women on your mind (or men), so make a dinner date that comes with folk music, bluegrass, Woody Guthrie sing-alongs and a bitchin’ Grateful Dead cover band—not to mention proceeds going to wildlands preservation (which will impress the pants off your special him or her). Canyon Land Conservation Fund works year-round to preserve the last of the wilderness within OC’s Cleveland National Forest, so check out this hip eco-outfit and arrange a romantic summer evening at the Fifth Annual Tree Hugger’s Ball, hosted by groovy canyon folk who are stewards of this land. They’ll serve dinner under the stars and the oak canopy, complete with dancing and, yes, exhibitors of eco-friendly products to make everybody smart and energy-efficient. Your date will dig your inner John Muir.

Sat., June 20, 6 p.m., 2009

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