Treasures of Napoleon

Vertically challenged men deal with their shortcomings in different ways. Some buy very large pickup trucks. Others wear cowboy boots. Napoleon Bonaparte tried to conquer the world. Though his enemies considered him a tyrant, the French people at the time loved him for bringing order to the chaos of the Revolution and turning France into a Continental superpower. His eventual downfall notwithstanding, Napoleon’s military tactics are still studied, and elements of the Napoleonic system of law and governance remain with us today. Fortunately, some of his possessions are also still around. Produced and distributed by Exhibits Development Group, in cooperation with Cultural Arts Entertainment Group, Muzeo is displaying more than 300 pieces rarely seen outside the museums and palaces of Europe, including Jacques-Louis David’s long-lost Napoleon Crossing the Alps in a Lifted F-450 . We think.

Oct. 11-Jan. 8, 10 a.m., 2009

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