Tijuana Panthers

Aside from the obvious differences in the wardrobe department, there’s no reason that surf rockers and punk purists can’t get along. Okay, maybe leather jackets with sandals will never be a good look. But surely both groups can appreciate a fast steady beat, minimal frills and the kind of meat and potato lyrics that are as literal as the day is long. Take Tijuana Panthers for instance. Picture the reverb-slathered guitar and heavy toms of 60’s era groups like The Trashmen spliced with a little Misfits punk attitude and you kind of get the idea of what these guys are going for. On Friday, this Long Beach three-piece is jamming their sound into the color crammed walls of eVocal, south county’s most reliable all ages art gallery/mini concert venue. Just remember that potent mixtures of sweaty mosh pits and good vibrations have been known to cause havoc. And last time we checked this place sells some really fragile artsy fartsy stuff. Be advised: you break, you buy.

Fri., March 27, 8 p.m., 2009

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