Throw Rag

And what is the Throw Rag Aesthetic exactly? It's hard to define but easy to spot. It's everything sleazy, seedy, tacky, tasteless, scary, ill-conceived, creepy, misguided, trashy, inbred, inland, white-shoe wearing, feel-you-up trying, primal, sinful, and desert-bred, or at least Salton Sea-bred, which is where the group says they're from, even though (with the exception of Wheeler) they live in OC, Long Beach and LA. It's sort of like the White Trash Aesthetic but—the important part—the White Trash Aesthetic is always a costume. When frat boys throw a White Trash Party it's very clear that they are burlesquing a style. But when Throw Rag dress up, something a little more complex happens because yes, they are wearing costumes—for lack of a better word—but it's not exactly clear where the costumes end.

Sat., Feb. 28, 9 p.m., 2009

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