The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra

Joining the stage with Orange County music fixtures the Union Line and Venus Infers, the Flying Tourbillon Orchestra (FTO) present a night of free music. Looking to “marry the sounds of classic pop and old-time rock N roll with something newer” and to “draw from the urgency of modern indie rock while fashioning a curiously ‘out-of-time’ sound,” the FTO may be giving all those kitschy indie/folk art-school brats a run for their money. Sure, they’ve got the not-quite-harmonizing male/female vocal pairing down pat, as well as the tendency to sing unnerving lyrics in a finely tuned cool lull, but it’s FTO’s undeniably strong pop sensibilities forcing them apart from the rest of the trendy herd. Unexpected quirks, richly textured layers and obviously keen musicianship keep this band grounded while others drift into musical oblivion.
Interesting fact: A “flying tourbillon” is a uniquely engineered watch. We looked it up.

Thu., June 11, 9 p.m., 2009

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