Surf Wax America

Remember all that crap a couple of years ago about which city was worthy of the “Surf City, USA” moniker? It was a fiercely lame battle between Santa Cruz and Huntington Beach, with the city of Huntington Beach threatening legal action even against the sale of T-shirts. Even though “Surf City” should be for any place that embodies surf culture, it looks like Huntington Beach won that particular battle, which is pretty obvious from the way the city slaps the title on every event it throws, including Surf City Nights. Though the bar-lined street is usually home to sushi joints playing Korn concert DVDs and obnoxious dudes in wraparound shades, every Tuesday night, Main Street turns into a festive block party of sorts, where you can enjoy tastes from local restaurants, sidewalk sales, a farmers' market, children's activities and live entertainment. It's lively and cute. Bring the kids, bring the wife-hell, bring the dog. Just be sure to sport your Santa Cruz Surf City tee.
Tue., Jan. 8, 5 p.m., 2008

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