St. Joseph's Day Swallows Train Tour

Thanks to the Muckenthaler Cultural Center—known affectionately as “the Muck”—you can witness the city of San Juan Capistrano’s claim to fame: the return of the cliff swallows from their annual migration. Every year, the little birds take a winter trip to Argentina, and every spring, there’s a huge celebration welcoming them home. The St. Joseph’s Day Train Tour gathers first at the Fullerton Depot, from which you’ll travel by rail to Mission San Juan Capistrano and receive a tour of the Los Rios Historic District and its various museums. Shopping, lunch, a private tour and even admission to a festival in commemoration of the swallows’ homecoming are included. And a bonus: This all goes down on St. Joseph’s Day, the principal feast day named after the husband of the Virgin Mary. Sweet.

Thu., March 19, 8 a.m., 2009

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