Spoiler Alert

It’s safe to assume that anyone going to see Clerks (director Kevin Smith’s 1994 film about a convenience store employee who gets called into work on his day off) on the big screen has already seen the flick. If you haven’t, not only should you, but you should also stop reading. OK, now that they’re gone…It’s impossible to decide which scene is truly the funniest. Is it the hockey game on the roof? Maybe finding out that Randal knocks over the casket of Dante’s dead ex-girlfriend? Or how about when Dante finds out his girlfriend’s been getting up close and personal with 36 (37 if you count Dante) guys? And for Star Wars geeks, the argument about the potentially innocent lives lost on the destruction of the second Death Star? Whatever your favorite scene is, Clerks rules so hard that Smith fans can overlook Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and still hold their heads up high.

Wed., Jan. 21, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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