Rob Zombie

The date might say November 1st, but it ain’t officially Halloween until Rob Zombie comes town. This week he’s ripping into The Grove Anaheim to promote his long awaited album Hellbilly Delux 2, rife with crunchy distortion, throaty vocals and a heavy helping of evil. And while a growing career in the world of movie remakes put the release on hold since 2008, we’re pretty confident that he still knows how to make sounds that will shake the walls of a suburban mega venue. But we can definitely see where his movies and his music have become interchangeable. Joining him on this Anaheim outing is none other than the heavily side-burned psycobilly mad men of Captain Clegg and the Night Creatures (who you may remember from their appearance in Zombie’s remake of Halloween 2). Even if your penchant for head banging groove metal wore out after the 90s, there’s nothing like spending Halloween in the darkest, loudest, scariest place in the county…that isn’t your mom’s basement.

Sun., Nov. 1, 8 p.m., 2009

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