Pauly Shore

Pauly Shore might be the single greatest actor the world has ever known. He’s been called the Keanu Reeves of stoner movies, only hotter. We’re pretty sure it’s his dreamboat eyes that slay us every time—or his rippling biceps. Either way, this actor/comedian has delivered supreme talent to the world through a portfolio that includes the lead in Bio-Dome (1996), a supporting role in Encino Man (1992) and voice-over work in A Goofy Movie (1995)—a performance so unparalleled (hailed by this critic as second only to James Earl Jones) that he was called back to repeat the legendary character in the film’s sequel, An Extremely Goofy Movie, five years later. Now this man, this legend, is performing stand-up comedy live at the Irvine Improv. Be there or miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Sat., May 23, 7 N 9 p.m., 2009

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