Orangewood PALS Benefit

There’s really nothing finer to make that beer taste a little better and the music sound a little sweeter than knowing you’re contributing to a good cause while partying. Orangewood PALS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing assistance, love and support to abused and neglected children. For this benefit, DiPiazza’s hosts bands such as Frequency 5, Walk the Rio, Save Your Savior, From Jupiter and Fire Rocket Red, as well as acoustic solos by Craig Broombaugh (of Filmspeed) and Tim Markel (of Eudora). The whole shebang only costs $10 and is a perfect way to get that warm, fuzzy feeling without drinking any booze. But you can do that, too. It’s for the children, after all.

Tue., June 23, 8 p.m., 2009

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